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  • What make D’Lumiere Unique

    What Makes D’Lumiere Skin Care So Unique

    Dermatologists and Scientists who study the skin have found evidence that the effect of UV sun damage and general skin ageing, is in the DNA genetic code found in cells at a microscopic level. The sun causes an “oxidative” stress, with the release of free radicals that damage the skin layers. Accelerating wrinkles, less elasticity and …

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  • D’Lumiere – DNA Anti-aging Enzyme

    DNA Anti Ageing Enzyme A new approach to target UV damage now involves using products that may protect the skin. Dr Lanzer finds this approach fascinating as it directs anti-ageing therapies at the primary target of sun damage and the source of ageing. Dr Lanzer has launched the FIRST anti-ageing cosmeceutical range that combines this new …

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  • Dr Lanzar, Dermatologist & cosmetic surgeon

    Dr Daniel Lanzer

    Dr Daniel Lanzer is a Dermatologist and Cosmetic Surgeon with more than 27 years experience! He has a passion for the skin and has spent many years studying how the skin and its cells work. This research is what encouraged him to develop his own anti-ageing skincare range D’Lumiere Esthetique that really works.   Dr Lanzer …

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  • Video – What makes D’lumiere so effective?

    Watch this video to hear Dr Lanzer’s talking about the D’lumiere Esthetique skin care brand. D’lumiere uses a revolutionary formula for anti ageing and skin rejuvenation. All the active ingredients are scientifically proven to be effective on skin rejuvenation. This video also explains the meaning of the name D’lumiere.

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